Upcoming Event: As It Could Be, a Chamber Suite

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On Saturday March 19th 7:30pm, the Boston Classical Guitar Society will present an evening concert featuring my 2014 composition As It Could Be, a chamber suite for violin, viola, flute and seven guitars. As part of the

Review: Four Spanish Guitars | Soundboard, February 16, 2016

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Wallace, Frank. Four Extraordinary Spanish Guitars Reviewed by Al Kunze Works by Aguado, Giuliani, Schumann, Diabeli, Mertz, Tárrega, Falla and the artist. Gyre 10182, 2015 Frank Wallace is a musical Renaissance man: guitarist, lutenist, composer, singer. On

Review: Four Spanish Guitars | American Record Guide, February 26, 2016

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Four Spanish Guitars Reviewed by Ken Keaton AGUADO: Fandango Variado; Minuet; GIULIANI: Larghetto; SCHUMANN: Erste Verlust; DIABELLI: Minuet; MERTZ: An die Entfernte; Variations Mignonne; BATEMAN: Shaker’s Dance; TÁRREGA: Adelita; Mareiatta; Capricho Arabe; FALLA: Omenaje; WALLACE: Débil del