Derelict Hands plays Duo Sonata #1 by Frank Wallace

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Derelict Hands plays Duo Sonata #1 by Frank Wallace

Russ Callison and Calum Borthwick form Derelict Hands. I had the pleasure of meeting them last summer in Glasgow Scotland to coach their performance and recording of my Duo Sonata #1, its first recording, which forms part

Masterclass | Wright State University

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Masterclass | Wright State University

The Singing Guitar |  how to play beautiful vocal lines on the guitar Is your guitar a mini-orchestra as Andre Segovia described it? Or a small chamber choir, solo singer, violin virtuoso or blown woodwind? How do

Rest Stroke Slurs

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Rest stroke slurs (pull-offs) improve tone and aid good rhythm; #techandtone. A rest stroke slur is when the finger of the left hand pulls clearly and strongly into the next string.  This is a pluck as much

Stretch to Improve

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We frequently see magazine articles that start with a statement like this one from the recent issue of the newly revamped Classical Guitar Magazine: ”5 stretches to help you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.”  It’s a brief one